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Inflatable paint booth, portable spray booth, painting room

Original price was: $4,890.00.Current price is: $3,500.00.


  • Spray Booth Tent size: 8m*4m*3m
  • You can Customized your logo, color and the size.


Most Inflatable Spray Booths work by having a blower motor inflate the cabin frame. The air is then pushed to the front of the cabin through filters to the left and right or the cabin. This air is usually dust free. The air flows from the front of the cabin to the back of the cabin taking the paint mist with it. The exhaust air will be eliminated through a big filter wall letting the mist stick to the filter. There are many advantages that come with using an Inflatable Spray Booth as a way of painting vehicles and other properties. The price is for reference only, the specific pls contact us.



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