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Inflatable Paint Booth Fireproof Portable Giant Car Workstation Oxford Cloth – Gray

Original price was: $3,500.00.Current price is: $2,200.00.


  • Spray Booth Tent size: 6m L x 3m W x 2.5 ft H. High Quality Oxford cloth material.
  • You can Customized your logo, color and the size.


At many times, we get bored of the colours of our favourite car but cannot sell it as it is our favourite. Then, only two options remain; either stop using that or change its colour. The first option can be very hard to follow, while you want to go for the second option, nevertheless; again one problem arises in front you that, how to make this work happen smoothly and hassle free. Now, here comes the best and viable solution for this problem and that is inflatable paint booth that can easily change the colour of your favourite car. The price is for reference only, the specific pls contact us.

Advantages of using inflatable paint booth

  1. Increase in revenue collected.
  2. Reduce wastage of products.
  3. Provide clean and dust free paint booth.
  4. It increases efficiency.
  5. It is environmental friendly.


  1. We test each inflatable paint booth for 3 days to ensure the ball seamed exactly well.
  2. We provide the zip oil and material pieces for repairing in case
  3. We shall guide you to repair the product during all the life span of the water ball.
  4. The quality guarantee period is 1 year.