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Do you own a body shop or are looking for a place to have your car’s body repairs done, yet the place is always packed? The solution might be to use an inflatable paint booth, which is portable, environmentally friendly, easy to set-up and tear down, safe, and very practical. Here are 5 functions of an inflatable paint booth:

Total car painting – the main function of an inflatable paint booth. With the air supply and filters that come with the booth, you do not have to worry any more about emissions coming from paints, solvents, fillers, etc. The unique design also allows you to work in the run or during rain, even while outdoors. You can also set it up anywhere there is an ample amount of space.

Primer and prep – some body shops can be full of customers, thus delaying your total repair time. With an inflatable paint booth, your car could be accommodated earlier for primer and prep work, so that it would be ready for finishing once the other jobs are completed.

Smaller damages and touch-up – an inflatable paint booth could be used to fix smaller damages and touch-up work without having to necessarily go to a body shop. You could do it yourself by setting up the booth in your garden (as long as the car fits) or hire the painter to come to your place and do the work there.

Tinting – the portable booth can also be used as an isolation chamber for removing and/or installing tint in your windows and windshield.

Auto detailing – the inflatable paint booth is also handy for doing some detailing work, whether interior or exterior. It can give protection from the elements right after waxing, in order to preserve the shine and luster of your vehicle’s exterior for as long as possible. It is environmentally safe if the need to use cleaning chemicals arises (for a very dirty interior).

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