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To inflate the cabin frame a blower motor is fitted in most of the Inflatable Spray Booths. The cabin is then ventilated with the help of the blower motor and the air is pushed through a filter to the right or left of the cabin. As a filter is being used the air is most probably clean and dust free. The pain mist is taken along with the air as the flow of air takes place from the front of the cabin to the back of the cabin. This paint mist is not allowed to escape into the atmosphere. The big filter wall on the exhaust side cause the mist in the exhaust air to stick to it. As a way of painting vehicles and other properties, Inflatable Spray Booth has many uses and advantages. Out of all these top 3 uses of Inflatable Paint Booth are listed below:

1. Space Saving

The space acquired by this paint booth after deflating is very less. Hence, this comes very useful and handy for businesses with very less space in their store. The damage that can be caused due to cramming up is also prevented. If someone wants to take a storage for the spray booth on the lease, then the cost will be very less due to space saving.

2. Cost Effective

Sanction technology is used in most of the modern painting techniques, which makes it a bit costly. If you are trying to use other methods, then it will require a lot of manpower and efficiency is also a factor if the job needs to be done quickly. These problems are not faced while using Inflatable Spray Booth as a very less manpower is required and also takes less time as compared to other methods.

3. Pocket Friendly

Most of the times the spray painting is not worth the expenses as the techniques costs a lot of money and one needs to think deeply while considering other methods. With Inflatable Spray Technology the problem is now solved and even a person on a tight budget can also afford it.

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